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We are a Brisbane Local Search Engine Optimisation agency that have solutions to bring customer to your business. With a variety of talents in the digital marketing industry, we have solutions to cater for your different digital marketing needs.

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Why do you need SEO?

You have something good to sale? SEO brings you to your customers. Every day, high percentage of Australian customers rely on search engine to find what they need from basic grocery shopping to specialised services. SEO will optimise your chance to be found on search results page by these opportunities and higher chance to make a great deal.

SEO helps to improve your digital contents! Happy customer is good customer. As part of SEO practice, constant improving and sharing contents are essential. Please do not see this as trouble, it is great opportunities to improve your digital contents and build relationships with all your customers in the virtual environment. After all, a Good Customer is a Happy Customer.

Why SEO?

What is SEO? [Search Engine Optimisation]

The process of bringing your website to page 1 on google and various search engines. It requires continuous optimising and improving the content to enhance the relationship between your business and the rest of the world virtually and physically.

With our rich experiences in digital marketing, web design and implementation, our focus on SEO strategy will be on the ROI of your business.

What we offer?

Step 1. SEO Audit & Research

Website Health Check We have rich experiences on website design and planning and we will help you to audit and inspect all elements of design and structure of your websites. We also can help to find out any potential risks that will lead you to Google penalties and provide advice on how to resolve these risks.

Potential Customers And Keyword Research Identifying your potential customers and keywords are essential as they are the key of a successful SEO campaign. Our SEO marketing team will have your customers in head to organise and plan a list of most suitable keywords to fit your needs to convert most traffic to converts.

Knowing Your Enemy Your business is always surrounded by competitors and our job is to analyse what they are up to in this battle and how to win. Detailed analysis will provide you with the understanding of your competitor’s current status and help you plan ahead to outrank these competitors in this cyber battle.

Step 2. Onsite Optimisation

Advanced SEO & Analytics Less investment and more gain. We will help you understand your website by collecting the correct statistics and analysing them. With all that in mind, we also provide solutions to fix any existing and potential issues within the website.

Technical Fixes & Optimisation A complete package of design, development and fine tuning your website. With our experienced website development team and SEO specialist, we are fully capable of providing you with a “CAN DO” recommendation as well as performing the changes require.

Our web development and SEO team have a wealth of experience in CMSes and can work with custom created websites too. This means we can both make the right SEO recommendations and also implement them correctly for your website, even if it’s a custom built one.

Content Marketing Done Right A carefully planned content marketing strategy is an essential part of your SEO strategy. Our content marketing team is experienced in content strategy planning, content generation, copywriting, visual design, video production, photoshoots and digital PR.

A well-planned content marketing strategy can go hand-in-hand with your SEO efforts. We’ll create and promote your content as both crucial for good return on investment.

Step 3. Offsite Optimisation

Google Penalty Recovery One of our experts will carry out a full assessment of your backlink profile, analysing whether your site has been hit by a penalty or is at risk of being hit by one in the future. We can then report back on any issues and detail what is needed to help your site recover.

Improving User Experience User experience is an increasingly important search engine ranking factor. Not only does your site have to provide good, relevant information, but there is also a need for it to look good and be user friendly. We have a talented team of web designers and SEOs who will analyse your site and identify the areas that need work on, to improve the user experience.

Link Acquisition Does your website need links but you’re not sure how to get them? A lot has changed in link building over the last several years – in 2014 and beyond quality trumps quantity. Talk to us and have an experienced team of Australian link-builders on your side.

Our Price & Package

$750 Set up Fee for web Audit, keyword research, competitive analysis and on-page optimisation

Plus, Subscription service package (cost per month, no lock in contract):

Starter Pack

  • 1 Keyword Family
  • Monthly Report

Premium Digital Marketing Deluxe Pack

  • 6 Keyword Family
  • +2 Social Update /week
  • +2 Blog Article /month
  • + Content Marketing Strategy
  • +10% off Adwords Management Fee
  • Monthly Report

*Standard Blog Article are 300 words, Adwords and Facebook Advertising are services we also provide.

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