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When creating your business website your goal is to generate online traffic, attract the user towards your website, and for them to remain on your site to effectively increase your webpage ranking, as well as sales.

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What we offer?

It is vital that your web designer understands your business and the competitive world of digital marketing to bring you the best website for your business. We are a local Brisbane Web Design Agency that specialises in digital marketing search engine optimisation and aim to a bring your website to 1# ranking.

responsive layout icon Responsive Layout

Our web designers will ensure that your customers will be able to view your website on any device, whether that be desktop, tablet or smartphone. Your website will have optimum readability and user-friendly navigation.

cmc icon Content Management System

Our web designers use a highly distinguished content management system (CMS) that administrates tools that allows the web designer to publish, edit, organize, modify, delete and maintain content from a central interface.

google analytics icon Google Analytics

Our website designers will use Google analytics in order to track and report website traffic, allowing you to better understand your users actions and to customise your website to your needs, enhancing marketing effectiveness.

seo icon SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the talent of optimising the visibility of a website in a search engines results. Our professional team of web designers will create your webpage with the understanding of how important search engine optimisation is to your business.

email marketing icon Email Marketing

To help manage your website, our web designers are able to create specific email accounts using your domain name. These examples may include such website email addresses as such, info@domain.com, contact@yourwebsite.com or jobs@yourwesbite.com.

user centred design icon User Centred Design

Our focus is for your website to have the best user experience (UX) online. We will ensure that appealing visuals and interactions are used accordingly which will enhance the UX as well as reflecting a consistent brand image and values throughout the website.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a dedicated page that has been designed for a single designated focus or purpose separate from your main webpage. There are 2 types of landing pages, Click Through and Lead Pages.

Click through landing pages. These are designed for the purpose of having the browser be persuaded to click through to another page. The click through page acts as an informed web page that converts into a shopping cart or registration page. There is a much higher chance of having a conversion rate of having a click through landing page as opposed to having just purely a home page.

Lead generation landing pages. These are used to collect information of the user. Data collected can include names, email addresses and so forth. The purpose of the page is to collect the data and to market and connect with the customer at a later time. Landing pages include a form for the user to fill out in order for the webpage to gain the information.

Lead pages examples: Contest Entry / Notification product launch / E-book / Online Registrations / Consolations / Discount / Coupon Vouchers / Free Trials / Subscription Services

Why Should I Use Landing Pages?

Landing pages are a great tool to increase your business conversion rate. The landing page is primarily focused on a single purpose that matches the ad words your audience is searching for when using a search engine. The landing page is designed to specifically target the users search needs. Your home page is generated to cover a broad spectrum of the deals and services your brand offers and provides numerous links to the items/services they may be after.

Our web developers will create a landing page for your business which will entice users to either click through to a product page which will increase conversion rates OR a create a lead generation page that will bring your business the information they need to help improve marketing and promotion strategies.

When Should I Use Landing Pages?

A landing page should be used for every new promotion or products. For every advertising campaign you run, a landing page should be created to target the specific message of your promotion. The beauty of landing pages is that they are targeted and specified, allowing your business to target different audiences and their individual needs.

Elites Wave will generate landing pages for your business that will be promotional specific to the services and products that you offer. Increase conversion rates and gain exposure by using landing pages and watch your business grow.

catalogue management icon Catalogue Management
  • Manage Inventory
  • Import and export
  • Virtual products
  • Downloadable/digital products
  • Approve, edit and delete reviews online
product browsing icon Products Browsing
  • View multiple images per product
  • Image zoom on product
  • Related Products
  • Stock availabilities
  • Wishlists
marketing and promotions icon Marketing and Promotions
  • Newsletters
  • Auto-generated sitemaps
  • Recently viewed products
  • Compared items
  • Up-selling
  • Cross selling
  • Multi-tier pricing
order Management icon Order Management
  • Create, view, manage and fulfil orders
  • Invoicing and printing
  • Re-order for customers
  • Downloadable/digital products
  • Email alert notification for orders
Shipping icon Shipping
  • Contact form/page
  • Order tracking from account
  • Order and account update notification emails
  • Order history
customers service icon Customers Service
  • Free shipping
  • Flat rate per item
  • Weight and destination
  • Options to ship by: Multiple shipments per order/Flat rate
seo icon SEO
  • 100% search engine friendly
  • full control of URLs
  • Site mapping
  • Meta information
Customer Accounts icon Customer Accounts
  • Order history and accounts
  • Customer/Buyer address books/li>
  • Recently ordered items
  • Billing and shipping addresses
  • Re-orders
optional mobile e-commerce icon Optional Mobile E-commerce
  • Native mobile app integration
  • Intuitive User Interface (UI) for touch devices
  • Device for supported resolutions
  • Category icons
  • Image scaling for products

How we work?

Content Oriented Mind-Set. Here at Elites Wave, we believe in a content first oriented mind-set. That means we work off content provided by you. Your message is important and we want to showcase your brands values and message across and throughout your website. Our web design team will consult with you on what you want to gain out of your website and will direct you in the right way to building a successful website full of stimulating content. Having the right content will help your website reach its optimum user experience. Our team will not only help assist you with the content, we are able to help you create the content copywriting with our in-house copywriting team.

Working process. Elites Wave team of web designers are highly professional and work in a process which allows the client and the designer to work effectively and efficiently together to deliver the finest results. Our team of professionals work at a fast pace and deliver results on time. Our process allows the team to communicate back to the client to ensure they are 100% happy with the design process and development of the website.

Our process in detail

1. Consultation Strategy

Every project begins with a consultation meeting between the client and our web design experts. This is where you will present why you believe you need a new website or revamp. Here is where you will put forward your ideas, wants and design concepts for what you would like your website to display.

2. Wireframes

Sometimes our team will develop a blueprint or otherwise known as a “wireframe” of a visual guide as to what the website will look like. This is created for the purpose of arranging the websites elements to create the best possible website layout outcome.

3. Mood Boards

Mood boards are the digital guide for web designers to use to create the layout, colour palette and branding of the website. Mood boards include the colour palette, style, layout, text font and theme of the overall website. Once you agree to the mood boards we then move onto the homepage design and templates. This is where our team move onto the creation of your desktop and mobile website.

4. Content First

Design in the absence of content is just decoration. In order for your website to be successful and generate conversion rate, content is vital to the websites elements. Our team will help you generate copywriting for your site so that your customers are informed and persuaded that your business is the business for them.

5. Development + Go Live

The last step to the web development process is the coding and developing. Once this step is complete by our IT team we are then able to make your website go LIVE!

6. Support

After the website has gone live, our web design team will still be by your side if you have any problems that occurs with the website. We will be there to guide you for the first couple of weeks after the website goes live and help you gain confidence in the running and maintenance of your website. If your website has any further technical issues, simply call us and we will offer our free advice to you.

Our Client Feedback

“The team at Elites Wave go above and beyond for their clients. I was thoroughly impressed with their ability to capture my vision for my website as well as deliver the results in a timely manner.”

– Gabriel Kaszab, Managing Director at Studio 78 (www.studio78.com.au)

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